Sunday, December 23, 2007

Carlo Colaiacovo and the Leafs defense

Carlo played 20 minutes last night in a Marlies win, he was a plus one. To me that says his knee is probably feeling better. Looking ahead at the Marlies schedule though, they have the following:

12/26 Toronto @ Rochester
12/27 Grand Rapids @ Toronto

Unfortunately this coincides with the Leafs' next two game:

12/26 Toronto @ Long Island
12/27 Toronto @ Philadelphia

It seems unlikely that Carlo would get the call up in between those two games, though if he played in Rochester on the 26th it wouldn't be too far of a trip to get him down to Philly. More importantly, with two games in two days it might make sense to just let Colaiacovo play both games in the AHL to get some confidence, to find out more about his knee's shape, all while he's in the AHL and not really abusing it playing for the Leafs against a dirty physical team like the Flyers.

Here's hoping we see Colaiacovo on HNIC against the Rangers. As a Christmas gift, I present to you the Leafs' defensive lineup with Cola and McCabe:


No offense to Stralman, I like the kid, but it's clear that the Leafs think Andy "Herpes" Wozniewski is a better player than Anton, so all we can do is cross our fingers that McCabe and Colaiacovo are both healthy at the same time.

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