Monday, January 28, 2008

The All Star Weekend

My thoughts on the All Star weekend:

Brooklyn was a good time, I saw Neurosis and Mastodon play, then hung out at the 4th Ave Pub until last call. Woke up in Bed-Stuy and made corned beef hash for breakfast with old friends, then took the train to Manhattan and wandered aimlessly in the cold talking to Ian. Got home Saturday night and made an old favorite: steak and tater tots.

On Sunday I transferred our oatmeal stout from the primary fermenter to the carboy and played a hockey game in which someone tried to Marty McSorley me which led to a brawl, a bunch of suspensions, and me doing the Hulk Hogan to their bench after putting us up 5-0 with a minute left in the third.

Decent weekend, I didn't watch the All Star game because it sucks.

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Loser Domi said...

I had a decent weekend as well, and I still didn't watch the game. My weekend had a good amount of drunken debauchery, and I was in a play yelling at Cinderella. This morning was rough but hey, good times anyway.