Monday, January 14, 2008

Inspiration for the coming dark days

We can only hope for a complete dismantling of the Toronto Maple Leafs, so that the team can rebuild on a solid foundation. If we're lucky enough for everything to come crashing down there will be no stopping us.

As a group of fans, we're the best fans anywhere. We just need to accept that the team is going to be terrible for a few years so that it can be a powerhouse once again.

There's nothing wrong with that. We don't need to renounce our choice of teams like so many people have vocally done in the past few weeks, we just need to accept that Toronto isn't going to the playoffs for a few years (which should be easy since they haven't gone there in a while).

Hopefully in five years we'll all look back at this and laugh while wearing our Stamkos and Tavares jerseys, and remember: better dead than red.


Gobias said...

Exactly. I wouldn't have a problem with a season like this if it was actually beneficial (a chance at Stamkos notwithstanding) in the long run and part of a plan - but it's not. It needs to be.

Greener said...

Better dead than red. Great one, Chemmy.

Chemmy said...

Thanks, just found out about your blog today and added it over on the blog list of blogs on my blog over on the side there.