Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Steve Downie is a talentless goon

I saw this story posted on ESPN:

League issues warning, but no ban, after Downie punches Leafs' Blake

"During a conference call, Colin Campbell, NHL executive vice president and league disciplinarian, issued a warning to Downie, whose latest transgression took place Saturday in the third period of the Flyers' 3-2 victory in Toronto. Blake, who was being held back by an official at the time, never saw Downie's punch, which landed on his left eye. Downie, a rookie, was assessed a double-minor penalty.

"It's Steve's [fourth] NHL game. He's walking a fine line there, which is basically what he was told. My conversation with Steve was a little harsher than Colin Campbell's.""

So in four NHL games the league has suspended Steve Downie for 20 games and then gives him a slap on the wrist for sucker punching a player who doesn't fight, didn't drop his gloves, and was being restrained by officials.

What does Steve Downie not understand? He got a big break back in juniors when everyone assumed Akim Aliu didn't want to play along with good natured hazing by a good old canadian kid. More and more it just looks like Steve Downie is an asshole, and the league doesn't care. Darien Hatcher recieved no suspension for biting Travis Zajac. Everyone who follows hockey would answer the following correctly without hearing about the items beforehand:

Q: In last week's NHL action, a player sucker punched an opponent who was being held back by referees with his gloves still on. Another player on his team bit someone during a fight. What team do they play for?

Complaining about the Flyers being disgusting cheapshot goons is getting passe because it happens so often, so why isn't the league discipling them anymore? Why do Hatcher and Downie get a free pass? Did the Flyers not learn from previous suspensions?

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