Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's NHL Road Trip Time!

Every year I drive up to Toronto at least once to catch a game. I figure as long as I'm driving ten hours to see one game, I might as well hit up a few others. Last year for instance my buddy and I drove up to see Leafs-Lightning (Leafs won!) and then drove to Pittsburgh to
see Penguins-Habs (Penguins won, and Sidney Crosby scored that highlight reel goal they show with him scoring surrounded by Montreal players!). Pics here. That's just the Toronto part of the trip, if you go back into my normal Flickr stream there's photos of Pittsburgh too.

This year I got tickets to the holy grail: Leafs-Habs on HNIC. Saturday night hockey in Toronto vs the visor wearers. The problem was Buffalo is out of town that weekend, and I don't want to go to Ottawa or Montreal unless Toronto is playing. I've already seen the Leafs play in Philly, Long Island, and New York City this year, and I used to live in Boston so I've been there a million times.

Where else to go?

1,400 miles round trip. 7:00pm Saturday Leafs-Habs. 3:00 Sunday: Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings. Should be a good time I hope, and as usual there will be lots of photos.

Edit: Bonus photos of me playing hockey Sunday night! Sorry about the bluriness, obviously I didn't take them.

Chasing down a puck, doing some cherry picking.

As you can see I'm not much of a defensive player.


Loser Domi said...

That sounds like it could be an awesome time. Have a good trip!

Chemmy said...

Thanks! We're in the process of securing Buffalo Sabres tickets the night before the Leafs game.


Loser Domi said...

So, looking through the photos, I LOVE the North Stars pimp hat! That's just so cool it ain't even funny.