Friday, February 01, 2008

Who's getting the call?

Last night Toronto lost Pohl and Antropov, so two people need to be called up. Who gets the call?

I think there are six guys on the "possible" list:

Of those, Williams performs the best in the NHL, with an obviously small sample size admittedly. I think Williams is the first callup. The second callup based on current AHL performance should probably be David Ling, but he played 93 games with Columbus and sucked. It's obvious that in the NHL without being surrounded by good players he's not going to make a difference. Robbie Earl and Alex Foster have similar PPG in the AHL, and a similar ratio of goals to assists. Alex Foster is a natural center though, so I think to fill Pohl's spot he's the right guy.

In conclusion, you probably won't see Williams and Foster get the call up because that would make sense. I'd bet on seeing Ling and Williams based solely on their NHL experience, even though guys like Earl and Foster could use a taste of the NHL to help their development.

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Gobias said...

I don't know much about these guys, but I do know that David Ling is 33 years old. I hope he stays down to lead the Marlies and the Leafs call up some of the young guys.