Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I feel better about the signings of Mayers, Hagman, and Finger

Check this out, the Devils signed Fedor Fedorov. Here are his career stats:

18GP 0G 2A 2P

The guy was drafted in 1999 by Tampa and re-entered the draft in 2001. Why the hell would anyone want this guy? Generally if you refuse to be signed and re-enter the draft you should be a really good player (Blake Wheeler, take note). Fedor Federov's best skill as a hockey player and as a human being are that he's Sergei Federov's brother.

You could probably drive to any shinny game in Ontario and pick up a guy who could manage two assists in two NHL games and would be happy to play for season tickets or something. With Brodeur getting close to shriveling up and dying, and signings like this, I think it's safe to say the Rangers and Penguins are excited.

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blue with age said...

I'm betting that they saw him play in an exhibition game against Canada before the world championships this year. He was trying to play with his brother for the first time. He was the best guy on the ice that night and scored a couple goals. It wasn't enough to make the russian team. But, now he will be able to pay some of his brother's bills