Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Five NHL Improvements

1. Get rid of the shootout, it's boring. I'm tired of hearing about how good Jussi Jokinen is in the shootout, because he sucks at hockey. The last thing the NHL needs is "shootout specialists".

2. If having games end in a tie isn't possible, then every game should be worth 3 points. 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for a post-regulation win, 1 point for a post-regulation loss, and 0 points for a regulation loss.

3. No touch icing sucks, but a rule should be instated about contact (intentional or incidental) within 10 feet of the boards on an icing call. Pushing a guy from behind as he goes to touch the icing shouldn't be allowed.

4. The team with the most points not in the playoffs should draft first. This eliminates any worries about tanking, and should make every game more exciting. The "worst" team in the league is still going to be drafting top ten, which will allow terrible teams to build up a respectable core with good drafting before they move their way up to add a young superstar franchise player and push their way into the playoffs.

5. Expansion teams in Seattle and Hamilton.

And because I'm generous:

6. The ACC's replacement should hold no fewer than 30,000.


PPP said...

2 is great and 4 is genius. I think that they did something with 3. You have to be going for the puck.

general borschevsky said...

#4 is pretty smart. Too smart for such a stupid league, probably.
I wonder if we can create enough fan-backlash-momentum to kill the shoot-out. If they only did that, it'd make a big difference.
How 'bout booing the entire shoot-out? Every shot, every save, every goal. Just boo the entire thing, all the way through, even if your team scores, even if they win. Boo the shoot-out, start to finish, until it becomes to embarrassing.

wrap around curl said...

Even if I am a five hour drive, I would love a pro team in Seattle. Since I am in a hockey void area. We have numerous W teams. But I would like a big kid's team.

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