Sunday, December 17, 2006

A little down time...

So, since my first shitty test post the Leafs dropped seven games in a row but responded with three strong wins against Tampa, Carolina, and the Rangers. I feel optimistic about this team, but I'm a little worried about our 9-2 win over the Rangers. The game before our slump we beat Alexander Ovechkin's Capitals 7-1, and then didn't score consistently for almost two weeks.

That's the issue with the Leafs right now, it's consistency. On some nights we'll get Wellwood putting up five points and the rest of the team helping out, and on other nights we get nothing. On some nights the whole team is skating like their life depends on them skating as hard as they can, and on other nights only Tucker and Battaglia seem like they care.

One thing's for sure, I'm glad Sundin has had a good few games. Nothing is more tiresome than listening to the Toronto media bash Mats as if he's the reason the Leafs aren't successful. All you really need to say about Sundin is this; 1,183 career games played, 508 goals, 688 assists, 1,196 points. Better than a point a game over almost 1200 games spanning sixteen seasons? Yeah, he's the reason the Leafs haven't won the cup since they found Bill Barilko.

p.s. I promise I'll get more coherent as I start writing more. Right now a lot of nonsense is swirling around in my crappy head and I'm a poor writer.

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