Wednesday, January 03, 2007


First off, congratulations to Team Canada. I was pulling for the US for once, but it sounded like an exciting game. Moving on, settling a semifinal game in an international tournament with a shootout is ridiculous. A shootout is fine to break a tie in pool or round robin play, but the US is going to the consolation game because they didn't score on one breakaway. Weak.

Listening to the shootout on XM Radio down here in the States, and hearing the same three shooters for each side over and over sucked. If you're going to settle important games with a shootout, at least force a team to use all its players instead of deciding entry to a medal game based on each team's best three breakaway guys.

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The action in the third and in overtime was fast paced and very enjoyable, but after a whopping ten minutes of OT they pulled the plug and settled it with a shootout. For the record I don't mind the NHL shootout since it would have been a tie anyways, but shootouts shouldn't decide anything important.

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