Friday, January 19, 2007

Nobody reads this blog

Can we save the Penguins? Watching the internet phenomenon of Vote for Rory, could a grassroots effort save the Pittsburgh Penguins? What are our options? Organize a campaign for everyone in their jurisdiction to vote against currently seated politicians if the Penguins aren't offered an acceptable deal? Try and raise the short term popularity of the Penguins with the mass Pittsburgh market in order to help that goal? The Steelers aren't in the playoffs, and it's not baseball season yet so Pittsburgh fans have nothing else to watch.

I'm from Hartford, I lost the Whale. We need a call to arms. Everyone from Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Hartford, and Quebec needs to stand up and help a city with solid attendance and a good team keep their team, instead of losing it to some shithouse southern market.


PPP said...

This site needs to be re-energized if only for the amount of hilarious hate mail that a Darcy Tucker Fan Club blog could bring.

The Dark Ranger said...

I think you should move forward and start typing!!! I am not a fan of his -- I watch the Sean Avery/Darcy Tucker fight last meeting last season every day.

Say good things about Tucker, and we promise, we'll be back -- ppp is right!

Get a move on it.

The Dark Ranger