Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This is pretty weird actually

I'm sort of wondering why this hasn't come up yet; the Detroit Red Wings aren't the only team left in the playoffs that choked on a 3-0 lead to lose a playoff series.

We all know that the Red Wings laid down so that God's team could win the Cup and make history in 1942. We also know that the Islanders and the Red Sox are the only other two teams to come back from 0-3 in a playoff series. The Red Sox did it against the Yankees (Derek Jeter drinks wine coolers), but not many people know who the Islanders did it against (unless you can read in which case my first line already gave it away).

Series H                      W  L   GF   GA
New York Islanders 4 3 21 18
Pittsburgh Penguins 3 4 18 21

Apr 13 New York Islanders 4 5 at Pittsburgh Penguins
Apr 15 New York Islanders 1 3 at Pittsburgh Penguins
Apr 17 Pittsburgh Penguins 6 4 at New York Islanders
Apr 20 Pittsburgh Penguins 1 3 at New York Islanders
Apr 22 New York Islanders 4 2 at Pittsburgh Penguins
Apr 24 Pittsburgh Penguins 1 4 at New York Islanders
Apr 26 New York Islanders 1 0 at Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Islanders win series 4 games to 3
The Pittsburgh Penguins. Weird.


eyebleaf said...

go wings. i really hope it ends tonight.

Loser Domi said...

Even though I reallly don't like the Red Wings, I still get a guest post over at Barry Melrose rocks, so I guess it's all good.