Friday, June 20, 2008

Well, the draft hasn't even started and Toronto fucked it up

The Leafs traded a third round draft pick for... JAMAL FUCKING MAYERS?! "But Chemmy", you say, "I've heard Jamal Mayers plays in the Western Conference and that means he must be pretty good".

He had a fantastic 12 goals in 80 games last season, and he got to play against Chicago, and Columbus 16 times. No worries, maybe he's a playmaker. Oh, 15 assists. Well, he takes a lot of penalties apparently, and he's from Toronto, and he only cost us a third round player in an incredibly deep draft. Detroit will probably be drafting their replacements for Zetterberg, Lidstrom, and Hasek after that point but getting Jamal Mayers seems pretty good.

Honestly the guy is 33. If he was 25 and didn't suck this could be an ok move, but I'm pretty sure that a trained ape could draft someone who was "gritty" in the third round. Nice work Leafs, you ruined my draft day at 8:42AM EST.

ps. This will be my last post around here for a couple of weeks, I'll be writing for Pension Plan Puppets while PPP is on vacation. I'm sure all four of you who read this blog will be ok seeing me write crappy posts somewhere else for a few weeks.


eyebleaf said...

surprise, surprise...i like the move!

and love the "smoke weed every day" tag

Chemmy said...

Toronto has fourth line players out the wazoo, why the hell do we need to give up a third rounder to get Jamal Mayers?

Pseudonym said...

Mayer is the next Leaf captain.