Monday, August 18, 2008

Important Mats Sundin Updates and More!

I just don't understand why every week either TSN or the CBC run another story about how Mats Sundin is being a cocktease by not signing somewhere in the NHL. The man is allowed to retire. He's not under contract, he doesn't have to do anything. While chatting with Greener earlier today, trying to figure out if he's actually Steven Spielberg, I got to wondering about what the CBC coverage of Christianity would look like:

"No timetable as to Jesus' return should this deal fall through. Watch this space for this same column to repeat from now until the second coming aka. 'the apocalypse'."

A contest!

Now that I'm done blaspheming for the night, I have exciting news. You'll all have a good reason to read my blog now, I'm holding a contest! I had ten awesome Leafs pins made up, and I'm going to give all of them away. Just look at them!

In case you're not sure, the pins are:

1x Sundin with hair
3x Doug Gilmour
3x Wendel Clark
1x John Kordic
1x Glenn Anderson
1x Allan Bester

I'm not exactly sure what the contest might be, maybe I'll have people leave comments with why they deserve a certain pin, or maybe I'll make you do something embarassing. The point is: at least six of you want a fucking Dougie or Wendel pin, and PPP would probably wear the Bester one with pride and or shame.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty pumped about this contest can it be arm wrestling

eyebleaf said...

put me down for the sundin pin, regardless of how i gotta win it. we all know i'm the biggest sundin supporter in the land. for confirmation, please ask Sean over at Down Goes Brown.

Jaredoflondon said...

Dibs on Alan Bester.
I pity the fool who challenges me for that one.

PPP said...

Motherfucker, that Bester pin is mine. I will chew your face off.

Chemmy said...

I probably should have posted about the contest later. No one cares about free agent Jesus :(

wrap around curl said...

I will attempt to win the Sundin pin on eyebleaf's behalf.

eyebleaf said...

thank you heather darling!

Jaredoflondon said...

I'm prepped to go all Micheal Douglas in Falling down for that Bester pin

Matthew said...

Good idea! Those Wendel Clark pins would be pretty sick!

Chelios said he wouldn't retire until another player like Wendel Clark entered the NHL.

Guess he's a lifer! :)

Gimma a Clark pin!! :)

Chemmy said...

Hey Matthew, head on over to and one of those Wendel Clark pins could be all yours. :)

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