Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Divisional Play, Strength of Schedule, etc.

I uploaded my full spreadsheet here.

What I did was I made a quick comparison based on points earned per game. I wanted to see how many points per game teams earned inside their division versus how many PPG they earned outside their division. Then I added the values up per division and averaged them. Here's what I found. I left out the Western Conference games since not every team in the East plays every team in the West.

For the Atlantic division, they earned 1.14PPG against all opponents so far (in division, out of division, western conference foes). In division they earn 1.08PPG. Out of division they earn 1.19PPG, a change of +11%.

In the Northeast, the strongest division in the East, they earn 1.13PPG overall, 1.04PPG in division, and 1.21PPG out of division, for a +17% change.

The Southeast meanwhile, earns 1.02PPG overall, 1.06PPG in division, and 0.99PPG out of division, for a -7% change. Ouch.

Based on those numbers it's pretty clear that the Southeast is full of weak opponents, and Washington has to be licking their chops at their upcoming eight SE games.

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